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Students Grievance Redressal Cell

A Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the Students of the College with the following objectives:

  • Upholding the dignity of the College by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the College through promoting cordial Student-Student relationship and Student-Teacher relationship.
  • Encouraging the Students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.
  • To ensure effective solution to Student???s grievances with an impartial and fair approach.
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the Institute.

The functions of the cell are to look into the complaints lodged by any student, and judge its merit. The Grievance Redressal cell is also empowered to look into matters of harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the Redressal Cell members in person.

The students can approach the Cell for their grievances regarding academic matters, financial matters, health services, library, transportation and other central services.


The Grievance Redressal Cell shall not entertain the following issues:

    1. Decisions of the College Council, Academic Council, Board of studies and other Administrative or Academic Committees constituted by the College.
    2. Decisions with regard to award of scholarship, fee concessions, medals etc.
    3. Decisions made by the college with regard to Disciplinary matters and misconduct.
    4. Decisions of the College about admissions in any courses offered by the Institute.
    5. Decisions by competent authority on assessment and examination result.

The committee shall meet at least once in a month.

Fifty percentage members of the Council shall constitute the quorum.

Committee Members

1Smt.Nisha Jose. K (Convener)Assistant ProfessorElectronics & Communication
2Smt. Kavitha K. V
(Co- Convener)
Assistant ProfessorComputer Science
3Dr. Anil Kumar S.H. ProfessorMechanical Engineering
4Sri. Rejimoan R.Assistant ProfessorComputer Science
5Dr.JayakumarAssistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering
6Smt.Rejimol Robinson R. RAssociate ProfessorComputer Science
7Smt.Sandhya L. Associate ProfessorElectronics & Communication
8Smt. Deepa A.K.Associate ProfessorElectronics & Communication
9Smt. Bindu V.Assistant ProfessorElectronics & Communication
10Sri. Kumar G.SAssistant ProfessorElectronics & Communication

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The Institution

The college is a realisation of a long felt need for an institution catering to a growing number of undergraduates opting for technical education. It seeks to promote education and research in the field of technology; to accumulate effective ideas and techniques likely to promote the socio-economic welfare of the people of Kerala