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  • Mon-Sat 9:30 AM – 5:30PM
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Hostel committee functioning in the college is to provide hostel facilities to the students .Every year the hostel committee invite quotations from various hostels to provide hostel facility within 7 KMs  from the campus. Then the hostel committee visited these hostels and verify the facility and neatness. Then a list of approved hostels will be published in the college notice board.

            M/S Ashiyana Hostel at Karakkamandapam (1 KM from College) was selected as our college hostel for girl students since 2011 and 60 students can be accommodated in the hostel. For the safety and protection of girl students a warden and security staff are appointed by the college. An agreement has been executed between college and M/S Ashiyana hostel for better functioning.

            The hostel committee visited the approved hostels periodically and solves the issue related  to discipline, food, accommodation etc.     


The Institution

The college is a realisation of a long felt need for an institution catering to a growing number of undergraduates opting for technical education. It seeks to promote education and research in the field of technology; to accumulate effective ideas and techniques likely to promote the socio-economic welfare of the people of Kerala