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Dean P.G. Studies

Prof. Sarathchandradas

Prof. Sarathchandradas completed his BTech and MTech in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He started his teaching career as a Lecturer in College of Engineering, Trivandrum. During his tenure in Department of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala, he has served in various capacities as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor in three Govt. Engineering Colleges-College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Government Engineering College, Thrissur, and Govt. Engineering College, Kozhikode, before retiring as Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He had been Chairman, Board of PG studies, and member, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Kerala. He has also served as Chief Advisor, Engineering and Management Studies, C A P E, and Principal, M. G. College of Engineering, Thiruvananathapuram. He is an external expert for I S R O’s D P Cs and External Expert Member for A I C T E, New Delhi. Besides, the Dean (Students Activities) post, he also holds the post of Professor (PG Studies), Department of Mechanical Engineering, S C T College of Engineering, Trivandrum.


Areas of Insterest:

  • Machine Design
  • Accoustics and Noise Control
  • Project Management
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The Institution

The college is a realisation of a long felt need for an institution catering to a growing number of undergraduates opting for technical education. It seeks to promote education and research in the field of technology; to accumulate effective ideas and techniques likely to promote the socio-economic welfare of the people of Kerala