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Computer Science And Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was started in the year 1995. The department offers an undergraduate Postgraduate programme in Computer Science and Engineering. B.Tech programme in Information Technology was offered in the department during the period from 2000 to 2007. The department has four laboratories with state of the art computing facilities and a department library with reference books and other research materials.


The Department is constantly modernizing its facilities to adapt itself to the rapidly changing technological scenario. The Department has consistently produced University rank holders and our students have made the Department proud by adorning various positions in Information Technology and other industries in India and abroad.

Total staff members in the department is 19,comprising of 14 teaching faculty members(3 Professor, 1 Associate Professor and 10 Assistant Professors) and 5 Lab Staff(2 Second Grade Instructors and 3 Trade Instructors). B. Tech course in Computer Science & Engineering is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The department has obtained ISO certification under ISO 9001:2000. First phase of World Bank aid under TEQIP was availed by the department. The department focuses on the overall development of the students imparting Industry standard skills through Projects and by encouraging Student Association activities and Industrial visits

Vision of Department of Computer Science & Engg.

“To be a premier centre for education and research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering”

Mission of Department of Computer Science & Engg.

M1  – To impart sound knowledge on Computing and Engineering principles to design and develop feasible solutions.
M2  – To instill in students an aptitude for research and entrepreneurship.
M3  – To inculcate in students an attitude of lifelong learning and problem solving.
M4  – To mould students into excellent professionals and good social beings.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 Design software systems, tools and applications to solve socially relevant and technically challenging problems.
PEO2 Work effectively as individuals and as team members and assume leadership roles,  with good ethics and communication skills.
PEO3 Engage in lifelong learning, career enhancement and/or pursue higher education and research.

Program Outcomes (PSO’s)

PSO1: Foundation of Computer  System Understand the principles and working of computer systems. Students can assess the hardware and software aspects of computer systems
PSO2: Enterprise Architectural Skills Analyze, design and develop software solutions of varying complexities in the areas related to system software, multimedia, web and mobile applications, data analytics, machine learning and networking.

PSO3: Successful Career and Entrepreneurship

Employ modern computer languages, environments, and platforms to create innovative career paths in higher studies and entrepreneurship.

Organizational Structure

The Department is headed by the Head of Department (HOD) and each Program by the Program Coordinator (PC). The Department Advisory Board (DAB) acts as the apex advisory body and gives guidelines for the efficient functioning of the Department. Each Stream Committee coordinates the academic activities of the faculty under them. The DAB members, PAC members and responsibilities of each stream committee in the structure are depicted in Table





Faculty Search :
Dr.Subu Surendran
Qualification: Ph.D
Mobile No: 9447817044

Position: HOD

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Dr.Jayasudha J S
Qualification: Ph.D
Mobile No: 9495376533

Position: Professor and Dean (Academic)

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Dr.Soniya B
Qualification: Ph.D
Mobile No: 9447202200

Position: Professor

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Smt.Rejimol Robinson R R
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9495123823

Position: Associate Professor

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Sri.Chitharanjan K
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9447703131

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Kavitha K V
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9447965262

Position: Assistant Professor

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Sri.Rejimoan R
Qualification: M E
Mobile No: 9446459948/9496909948

Position: Assistant Professor

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Ms.Preeja V
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9495939323

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Lekshmy D Kumar
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9846119935

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Syama R
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9846445444

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Binu Rajan M R
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9447587409

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Soja Salim
Qualification: M Tech
Mobile No: 9846157832

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Kutty Malu V K
Qualification: M.Tech
Mobile No: 9544452293

Position: Assistant Professor

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Smt.Akshara Sasiddharan
Qualification: M.Tech
Mobile No: 9496414382

Position: Assistant Professor(Adhoc)

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Smt.MEENA S.R Trade Instr. Grade II
Sri.SEN K.V Trade Instr. Grade II
Sri.JAYAN J Trade Instr. Grade II

Laboratories under the Department.
1. Programming Lab
2. Database Lab
3. Advanced Systems Lab
4. Hardware Lab

All the machines in the labs are provided with hi-speed internet connection.The labs are equiped with latest configuration PCs, Thin Clients, HP Blade servers (HP BL25PG2(3Nos) & HP BL20G3(1No)), IBM eSeries server and ACER 4700 server, DAX Router, Managable Layer 2 & Layer 3 high end switches from CISCO.Department is a member of MSDN Academic alliance programme and having a collection of more than 70 licenced softwares.

Departmental Library
Departmental Library is equiped with total of 1200 books. In addition, various technical papers presented during seminars conducted by the students in the department, mini project and final year project domuntations etc are made available to the students for reference.


 Virtual Lab

Nuvepro Virtual cloud Labs is a fully configured ready-to-use world-class computer lab. It can be used for doing student projects. These labs immensely benefit students to get skilled on latest technologies and gain practical experience on technology usage.  Students can access the labs from anywhere and at any time thus providing them the flexibility of training.

List of Virtual labs configured for SCT College of Engineering.


Sl. No. Name of the Lab Configuration

Deep Learning :

Pytorch, TensorFlow, and Keras with Theano backend

Linux GPU 100GB Storage (Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU)
2 Hyperledger Sawtooth 2 core 8 GB with 50 GB storage


LANSCAPE is a technology cum cultural association of young innovative students and faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Department of SCTCE. Computer Science is not a course that should be confined to any syllabus. It is a course that is beyond any syllabus, and a Computer Science graduate must know everything that is there to know about it.

                     Lanscape, a society for the students of SCT, is a platform  to serve the aforementioned purpose. Started by a group of dedicated, passionate computer science students, it has grown all these years to inspire and motivate the CSE students. It teaches the students to love and be passionate when they type each line of code. It encourages them to take up challenges, and teaches them that whatever the result might amount to, it’s always a win  as they are learning something new out of it every time. Most importantly, it teaches the students to never give up and that a couple of Run-time errors or Complie-time errors do not determine our survival in the industry. It is pure perseverance and hardwork that determines it.

                            Lanscape has always found a way to keep its students updated on the latest trends of the tech world by organising  workshops, talks etc moderated by the ‘who’s-who’ of the industry. Lanscape never failed to bring out the creative side of a student. Under the handle ‘Qubits’, Lanscape gives an opportunity to every CSE student to put forward a product woven out of their ideas, and provides ample help from the wonderful seniors. Lanscape makes sure that such talent will always be appreciated.

                              Lanscape can also be said to provide the first step to networking. Here in Lanscape, there is no Senior-junior gap. Here, we are all peers, who have one sound goal in mind.Lanscape is where it is today because of the dedicated teachers who never stood in the way of creativity, knowledge, skills but instead always worked to encourage and promote it.

                              Lanscape is a society that one can gain nothing but good out of it. Lanscape always worked for it, and will continue working for the same in the coming future.


R Programming

Talk on CAT/GATE Overseas PG Orientation

Talk on FOSS awareness

Talk on IT certifications

Talk on Lifeskills

Women  Hackathon


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering always aims to educate the students‟ one step ahead from their standard curriculum with the sound goal of preparing them for the big industry out there. Studentsare encouraged to take up internships at reputed institutions during their summer breaks. The Department arranges internships with CDAC as part of the MoU with them. The Department also arranges internships in Keltron,TCS and other reputed institutions.

  • Arundhati Kurup (S7 CSE) was selected for paid summer internship by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
  • Kannan KDP (S7 CSE) was selected for paid internship at Mercedes Benz. 

Training as per Industry Standards:

The Department has MOU with INFOSYS, TCS, CDAC and TATA Elxsi for training the students as per the industry standards.

  • Infosys Campus Connect is one such program implemented in the Institution which makes the students industry ready.
  • Activ@TE is the initiative of TATA Elxsi for training the students in the institution during their final year by providing the stipend of Rs.7000/- per month. This was a pilot program launched only with this Institution on a trial basis.
  • Mahindra Pride School and Mahindra and Mahindra is associated with the institution in providing soft skills as well as technical skills.
  • TCS has a close academic interaction with the Department and conducts industrial visits to TCS to get a better understanding of industrial trends.