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Course Name
Types of Quota
Number of seats
Apply To
B TECH BT Merit Fee/Eligibility* 33 CEE
CS Management Fee/Eligibility* 21 CEE
ME NRI Fee/Eligibility* 3 Prospectus/Online Application
MA KSRTC Fee/Eligibility* 6 Prospectus/Online Application
MP Lateral Entry Fee/Eligibility* 6 DTE
EC Merit Fee/Eligibility* 66 CEE
Management Fee/Eligibility* 42 CEE
NRI Fee/Eligibility* 6 Prospectus/Online Application
KSRTC Fee/Eligibility* 12 Prospectus/Online Application
Lateral Entry Fee/Eligibility* 12 DTE
M TECH Computer Science Merit Fee/Eligibility* 9 DTE
Machine Design Management Fee/Eligibility* 4 Prospectus/Online Application
Signal Processing NRI Fee/Eligibility* 3 Prospectus/Online Application
KSRTC Fee/Eligibility* 2 Prospectus/Online Application

BT: Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

CS: Computer Science and Engineering

ME: Mechanical Engineering

MA: Mechanical Engineering (Auto)

MP: Mechanical Engineering (Prod)

EC: Electronics and Communication Engineering

*Subject to change as per the decision of Government / University.