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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and among the most diverse in terms of the variety of applications. Mechanical Engineers apply the principles of mechanics and energy to the design of machines and devices, operation and their maintenance.

Vision of the Department:
The department aspires to be a symbiotic learning space in Mechanical Engineering in equilibrium with the technological and socio-economic progress of mankind.

Mission of the Department:
The department is committed to nurture students in Mechanical Engineering by imparting knowledge and facilitating intellectual stimulus to analyze and innovate through fruitful interactions and synergistic activities, upholding ethical values.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
Apply the knowledge of mechanical engineering to solve problems of society and pursue higher education and research
Function effectively as a team member or individual in the conception, design and implementation of mechanical systems/processes.
Be sensitive to societal and professional needs and adopt ethical action
The department is also diverse in terms of the variety of courses offered which is listed below.

B. Tech

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering
3. Mechanical (Production) Engineering

M. Tech

1. Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design)
The scheme and syllabi as prescribed by the University of Kerala and more recently by the Kerala Technological University (KTU) of Kerala is followed for all courses.

Student Performance
The department maintains consistently high pass percentage in university examinations and bagged several top ranks throughout its existence. Mechanical, Automobile and Production engineering students of this college are active in various curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted on a national level and bagged several accolades.

Institute- Industry Interaction
The department is very keen on establishing linkages with industries and research institutes through student projects, expert talks, training programmes etc. The department took lead to come up with formal tie-ups through MOUs with few of these establishments. The tie-up TATA-ELXI for preparing students in the final year for job-readiness is among the one of this kind during the recent past. In addition to the above the faculty members took active interest to take part in different bodies/ committees established by the government and other agencies.

Faculty Search :

All class rooms, labs and other facilities as stipulated by the AICTE /University is available at the department. The laboratory infrastructure is developed with the funding from different sources which include TEQIP and AICTE (MODROB) schemes in addition to the institute fund allocated every year for their renovation and modernization. The scope of the UG laboratories is mainly limited to cater the requirements of the university curriculum for different practical courses. However PG labs are established to cater the research needs in identified advanced technology areas in addition to the curriculum requirements. The labs are equipped with quality hardware and software from reputed brands. A brief description of the major facilities available in the department is given below:

PG Laboratories

Computational Mechanics Lab :
A high performance computational facility was opened in the department of mechanical engineering in the academic year 2012-13 to facilitate the students and faculties research/consultancy in this discipline. The facility is equipped with 20 networked workstations for executing computationally intensive engineering analysis and simulation. Network attached storage (Dell power vault 3100) and external drives (CD/DVD/Blue ray formats) are provided to enhance resource sharing and data security. Software licenses are installed in Linux based server. All hardware conforms to the demanding needs of the research community. Research and industry leading commercial codes such as ABAQUS??? and HYPERWORKS??? are available. In addition to this, several open source software tools are also extensively used for different applications.

CIM Lab is equipped with state of art machines to impart expertise in the field of automation in manufacturing. Major equipments include CNC vertical milling and turning centers, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Rapid Prototype machine, Pick and Place robot, CNC milling and turning duet trainer etc.

CAD lab is well equipped with 40 desktops of good hardware configuration duly networked with a license server. The software available includes Auto CAD Inventor, Pro-E and ANSYS. This lab is used primarily for the training in the modeling and analysis of mechanical devices. This lab is also extensively used for final year UG projects and PG thesis works.

Mechatronics Lab
This lab consists of trainer systems for the control of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, level and flow, PLC Trainer system, Data acquisition system, Vibration analyzer, Machine Fault Simulator, Sound level meter, and surface roughness tester. This lab also includes desktops installed with Lab VIEW??? code.

UG Laboratories

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines laboratory consists of experimental setups for the performance testing of different hydraulic machines. The lab also has facility for the evaluation of different flow parameters. Different plumbing tools are also available for demonstration.

Strength of Materials Lab
This lab aims to make the students familiar with mechanical properties of materials. The lab is well equipped with 20T UTM, 3000 kN compression testing machines, torsion testing machine, hardness testing machine, spring testing machine, torsion pendulum, flywheel and impact testing machine. Heat Engines and Thermal Engineering Lab

This lab incorporates experimental setups for the performance testing of IC Engines, Compressors, Blower, Air conditioner etc. The lab also include sophisticated test rig for the performance evaluation of different fuels. The lab also has facility for fuel property testers. The lab also consists of experimental setups to determine different heat transfer parameters.

Electrical Machines lab
The objective of this lab is to provide in depth knowledge of practical aspects of both AC and DC machines. This lab is also equipped with the state of the art measurement systems like digital tachometers, clamp-on meters etc.

Mechanical Workshop
The basic workshop consists of Carpentry, Fitting, Sheet metal, Smithy, Foundry and Welding sections. The Machine shop consists of Lathe, Shaper, Milling machine, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Tool and cutter grinding, Bench grinding, Drill grinding, Drilling machine, Radial drilling machine, Automatic lathe, Turret & Capstan lathe, Slotting machine, Pantograph machine, Planning machine, EDM and Power hacksaw. Different types of dynamometers for measuring cutting force in different machines such as Lathe, milling, drilling, grinding etc. are also available. Basic electrical and Electronics Workshop This workshop provides knowledge and practical skill in electrical wiring and soldering. It also creates a basic awareness of safety measures. It has a capacity to accommodate 36 students at a time.

Vehicle Reconditioning Lab
This lab incorporates various machines essential for reconditioning purposes like wheel alignment equipment, line boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, brake drum skimming machines, valve re-facing machines, valve seat cutting & grinding machines, cylinder re-boring machines, fuel injection pump calibrator, automatic tyre-changer, auto electrical testing equipment like spark plug testing and cleaning equipment growler, neon timing light, dwell tester etc.

Automobile Engine & Vehicle Testing Lab :
Hosts of vehicle testing equipment required for effective maintenance are included in this lab. They include chassis dynamometers, portable exhaust gas analyzer, Orsat apparatus, dial type spring tester, compression gauge and vacuum gauges.

Automotive Chassis Lab :
Various vehicle components are available in this lab for practice in dismantling and assembling. Among them are two fully built up Ashok Leyland Chassis, Diesel Engines, Petrol Engines, differential, clutch, gear box, front axle, rear axle housing, steering gear box etc.

Metrology Lab:
This lab equipped with different hand held instruments and gauges used in Metrology of mechanical parts. The lab also includes Profile projector, autocollimator, tool room microscope, etc.

Metallurgy & Material Science Lab
This lab consists of necessary infrastructure required for the micro structure study of materials like Mild steel, medium carbon steel, High carbon steel, Cast iron, brass and aluminum.

Moulding Sand Testing Lab :
The lab is mainly intended to give hands on experience on moulding sand testing of foundry field. This lab is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment like magnetic crackle detector, shatter index tester, permeability tester, sieve analyzer, etc.

Department Library
The department library serves as the documentation centre in the department which makes available the old student project reports and seminar reports for student reference. The technical documents related to the events organized by the department are also preserved. In addition to the above the library purchases books and periodicals annually for faculty reference. Research In connection with the strengthening of research activities in different technology frontiers, the centre for computational research in clean energy technologies is started functioning at the computational mechanics lab. The centre is envisioned as an interdisciplinary centre for computational research in energy related areas. The centre has its modest beginning in 2013 with three peer reviewed publications of international stature till date.